When are Temperatures Finally Going to start Falling to at least “Near Normal”, a quick November outlook :).

Thank you for reading,  Good evening all. Here are my preliminary November thoughts. Please treat this long range outlook with a pinch of salt. Below you will find a link to the detailed short range outlook :). 

*For a more Detailed 5 Day Outlook focusing on the bonfire period, Please Click there –  Visit this Link :)*

Long Range Early Mid November Update: This post will update you on how the Bonfire period is looking, and also a quick update on early & Mid November :). Now, many of my followers enjoy cooler weather, and are not fans of milder weather. Although, even if you’re a fan of mild Weather, this post will help deduce when temperatures are finally going to start dropping to near normal values. Or at least “Typical” values for the time of year. The CET has been 1.5C above average for October, making it a “very mild” month. Indeed, through Halloween, temperatures are going to remain Very High, with highs of 21C possible for for South East England during Halloween evening. 2014 is Starting to get on my Nerves Slightly, it’s on to be the Warmest Central England Temperature Year Ever Recorded. :).

After an exceptionally mild Halloween,  temperatures will slowly slide away through the Weekend to more “Typical” values. Next Tuesday has the potential for Something Cooler arriving. Temperatures Diving Back to “Where they Should be” for the time of Year. Snow is Likely above 8-900 Meters for the Hills of Scotland, and perhaps Above 1000 Meters for the Mountains elsewhere, although for other levels, expect a showery “rain” theme through next Tuesday & Wednesday, so significant wintry weather or snowfall, with the risk of light frosts overnight :)

Temperatures at  least back to “Near Normal” values after the “Extremely High;.)” Values By Wednesday, with a Rural Ground frost Likely. Also take a look at the UK Met Office FAX Chart Showing the “Northerly” Winds from next Tuesday responsible for temperatures falling back down to average :).


What about Further Out, Late Next Week? Mid November?.

By Next Weekend, we should be in a Mild & Showery Westerly airflow, As Seen on the JMA Weather Model Below, this is likely to persist through much of November, although for late November it is too far away to have any confidence  :). As we Head into Mid And Even Late November, the JMA would like to Keep us In a Westerly Flow, as Hinted at also in my Autumn Forecast, this would Yield “Near Normal Temperatures”, with Any Snow Sadly restricted to the Northern Hills of Scotland. Also Notice the MJO, The MJO Is an “Oscillation of Conditions in the Equatorial Region”, which have impacts on the jet stream, and is Staying in a Very Weak Phase 2, which Hints at a near normal Westerly airflow, bringing near average temperatures through much of mid Month. – To be truthful, I think I’m Fairly Confident that November will be a Month of “Near Normal Temperatures”, Breezy and Wettest out West, a Good Old Autumnal UK Month.  Thanks for reading, and if there are any hints of something cooler on the way I will let you know :).



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  1. Audrey Bailey says:

    Hello Kasim,
    I’ve been enjoying reading your website since discovering it about a month ago while searching for long-range weather forecasts. Very entertaining & informative, humourous too! Your love of snow is something I share, as I grew up in Canada (Toronto) it doesn’t seem like winter without it. (Though there was too much of it there for my liking, about 3 months worth, so I’ve lived in UK since 1975) After a heavy snowfall, the plough would come around the streets clearing it away for the morning, blocking the driveways as it did so. Then the whole family (5 of us) had to go out with shovels to clear the end of the drive so that Dad could get his car out to go to work the next day. All up the street it was the same!

    Do you have a glossary of terms for some of the more esoteric acronyms & termsused by weather scientists please? My mind is boggled by some of them.

    Keep up the good work Kasim, bye for now


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