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- Flooding caused by intense downpours n Longbrook, Exeter. COURTESY:  exeterexpressandecho.co.uk

- Flooding caused by intense downpours n Longbrook, Exeter. COURTESY: exeterexpressandecho.co.uk

(16.10.14 Update). Torrential Showers overnight, leading to minor flood risk (8pm Thursday. Valid till 8am Friday. ).

Persistent Heavy rain over the weekend, early watch Issued (*In detail below).

Rain787WeatherAware Level: (Yellow, Lowest Tier).

Risk: Heavy showers leading to a risk of surface water flooding overnight with up o 25mm falling in places.

Detailed Description: Through the course of this evening, heavy showers which may produce localized thunder and lightning will become more organized across Western areas, as they continue to fall overnight, rainfall totals will continue to mount up leading to a risk of Flooding across the areas marked Yellow in the Risk Map. Up to 25mm (1 inch), of rain may fall locally, leading to an isolated risk of surface water flooding throughout the night. This includes, “SW Scotland, Cumbria, the far West Midlands, Wales, South West England, the NE of Ireland and the NE of Northern Ireland”. Take extra care when travelling as surface water flooding may be a problem, especially during the morning rush hour.

Early Warning for Friday Night/Saturday:

Through Friday night into Saturday, a more organized band of rain will push Eastwards in a strong wind, the GFS model sees rainfall totals exceeding 20mm quite widely, leading to another risk of surface water flooding, and potentially river flooding in a few places, especially across Western areas for example South West England. Tomorrow this early warning will be updated in concurrence to more detail being available via the high resolution suite of model.

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  1. Tony Parker says:

    Hi Kasim…I’m doing some research for the BBC on a project about weather watchers. We are still at an early stage.

    My email is tony.parker1@bbc.co.uk

    Any chance we could have a quick chat on the phone?


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