“Weather With: Ollie Millin, a Climatic Interview”

KasimAwan - UK Weather Website Owner.

Good day Folks -:). Welcome to the Brand New Feature here @ KasimsWeatherWatcher.com, “Weather With”. As an Effort to Expand the Weather Community, Good Old Kasim will be inviting a Upcoming Weather Guru to take the Spotlight here on KasimsWeatherWatcher.com, and appear as a Guest. This Month we invite upcoming Weather Forecaster with his Very New but very Accurate & Interesting Website, which will be full of Interesting Long Range info during this Autumn, “Ollie Millin”, in this Blog read about this Upcoming Weatherman, and Thanks to Ollie for doing this interview so that you can get to know him Better :).

To Check out His New (And I think Highly Accurate), Wonderful Weather Website then Click Here!

“So, tell us a little of yourself in terms of weather”

I am a 17 year old student who is currently studying A Levels. I’m also an Amateur Weather Forecaster who has a big passion for severe weather.

I currently run a forecasting website called Ollie Millin Weather, and also a Facebook page called OM Weather.

An Interesting Background (WX & Climate Online :). We then asked Ollie, what his current Role is in the weather community & What are your other hobbies to help “Ease forecasters Headache” ;)

In the weather community, I provide daily forecasts, I report on upcoming latest weather events/trends and have attempted long range forecasts for winter. I interact with many weather enthusiasts; quite a lot of the discussion is about severe weather, I must say! I take part in a lot of running and cycling now, to maintain fitness! Interests outside of sport involve photography, as you may have seen via my Twitter feed and I’m very interested in anything down the physics line.

What exactly set you off on your Weather path & when did you first get Interested in Weather? – Kasim.

I’ve been interested in weather ever since I was a small child. Thunderstorms and snow have always interested me and these phenomena fascinated me from my younger years, and this carried on until I was older. Eventually I decided to find out more and more about weather, and my passion grew even further:

“I guess that those moments of storms and snow sparked it.” He said.

What’s Your Favorite Concept Of Weather? (Mine is Snow ;) – Kasim.

My favourite weather has got to be Thunderstorms/Supercells. I just find the phenomena so amazing, how such specific conditions can come together to create a severe, impressive and intense system. The whole process of watching them approach, pass through an area and forecasting them is so interesting.

Guest’s Weather Forecasts :)

If you want highly detailed, accurate & frequently updates UK daily weather forecasts, then Ollie’s forecasts are the ones for you.

He is highly knowledgeable in the area of long range winter forecasts and understands the experimental “character” of long range in the UK.  Thank you Very Much to Ollie for Letting us Interview him Today! – An Interesting Response for sure. To Catch His New Excellent Forecasts, please take a few minutes to Visit:

“OM Weather” – Facebook.

Thank you for tuning into Today’s Blog. We hope you found that Interesting! Are YOU an upcoming weather guru? You think that you could have a Guest Appearance on KasimsWeatherWatcher?? Submit Your Name @ Email @ KasimAwan@Live.Co.Uk. We look forward to hearing from you, I’m sure there are further very interesting weather anoraks out there! :)



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