KasimsWeatherWatcher will be forecasting various major weather events during 2015. These will include; 

Glastonbury weather. 2 Updates (15th June & 21st June).

The first update will monitor long range weather signals for the 8-10 day range from the various weather models; GFS, ECM & GEM. We will try to put together a forecast for the event, analyzing the weather models to see if there are any trends or agreements. The second update, will be the official KasimsWeatherWatcher Glastonbury forecast, and will define the end forecast for the event, published to Facebook pages UK Snow Updates, WeatherWatcherKasim my Twitter Feed @KasimAwan. Glastonbury is located in South West England.

Wimbledon weather. 2 Updates (29th June & 6th July).

Depending on the level of interest for this event, forecasts will start on the 29th of June & continue through July, probably with 2 separate updates. There will be a focus on weather conditions for the finals, however the tournament in whole will be covered with 2 major updates. Wimbledon is located in Central London.

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