*UK November 2013 *Weather Forecast*: *Sunday 13th October 2013* *Cool Month Ahead?* :)* –

*Today’s #UK November 2013 *Weather Forecast* Updates on the Latest Thinking Here @ KasimsWeatherWatcher For November 2013 UK Weather* :)*. It’s Been A Busy Weekend Here @ KasimsWeatherWatcher with Winter Forecasts Released, UK Christmas 2013 First Outlook &* Lots of Other UKWeather Updates To* :)*. Today’s Update Goes Into Explaining The Latest CFS & MJO Forecasts For November 2013;- *The Theme of The Previous November 2013 #UKWeather Update was To See A “Near-Normal” November 2013 Overall;- *A Slightly Settled Start Breaking Into Much More Unsettled Conditions*;- *And Those Unsettled Conditions would Be Most Apparent Across The North, And West, And It’s Drier In The South East Throughout Much Of November Even After The Unsettled Conditions Take Over From Mid November 2013 UK* :). *The Latest CFS Weather Forecast For November 2013 Show’s A Similar Story, with Unsettled Conditions Across The NW Of The UK, Drier Across The South* (Bear In Mind;- This Forecast Represents The Whole Of November);- *ThereFore Confidence Is Increasing In The Forecast Of The NW Being Closer To The Jet Stream Than The South East For UK November 2013* :)*.  *The Latest MJO *Forecast* Paints A Similar Picture, Phase 7/Neutral Is Forecasted For Late October 2013 (Fairly Mixed Weather);-*Into November 2013 A Phase 1,2 Period Is Likely (Quite Settled) &*A Phase 4/5 Entry Would Be Likely During Mid-Late November 2013;- *Resulting In Unsettled Conditions During That Period*;- *The Driest/Brighest Of Which Likely In The SE* :)&*Here’s Today’s CFS *Weather Forecast* For The UK;- *A NW/SW Split Feature Overall;*&Added MJO Forecast Meaning An Overall NW/SE Split For November 2013;- *& Turning Increasingly Jet Stream Dominated From Mid-November Onwards* :).* Thank You For Tuning Into Today’s November 2013 *UKWeather Forecast* Update here @ KasimsWeatherWatcher :_*)

*Latest CFS *Weather Forecast* Is A NW/SE Split For UK* For November 2013*;-

*Latest CFS *Weather Forecast* Is A NW/SE Split For UK* For November 2013*;- Added With MJO Weekly Forecasts*;- Overall NW/SE Split & Progression Into Increasingly Unsettled Favored For UK November 2013* (Confidence Base 60-70%)*

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  1. Bill Mc Causland says:

    Does this latest weather outlook mean mild and unsettled conditions for the North West or cold and unsettled conditions for the NW with the possibility of wintry showers

    • Hi There Bill* :). *Periods of Cooler Weather With *Snowy Showers Wouldn’t Be Ruled Out* Later In The Month As The Air Cools Significantly, Especially Across The North* :). *From UKWeather Forecast Guidance In This* UKWeather Update Was Correct During November 2013;- *Temperatures Slightly Below Average & Unsettled Conditions Across The NW;- *Perhaps Wintry Showers Across Higher Levels Later In The Month* :)*Further November 2013 UKWeather Updates Will Be Issued Over The Coming Weeks* :) *Thank You Very Much For Reading* :) *.

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