UK WINTER 2015-16 FORECAST, Cold?: Harsh Modern Winter?

Welcome to KasimsWeatherWatcher’s Latest UK Winter 2015-16 Weather Forecast. El Nino will be “Super” this year, meaning that the United States are likely to see some very severe Winter conditions with lots of heavy snow. Closer to home, it looks like Eastern Europe is also set for a strong Winter, this means it does look like Northern Blocking will be a keen feature of the Winter 2015/2016 forecast this year. KasimsWeatherWatcher will be updating this UK one last time in November before we start the Winter Forecasting, Snow updates and more, can’t wait. Before that though, let’s have a look at snow cover. Snow cover promotes the building of Northern Blocking as it acts as a reflective, causing high pressure to build. This is good news. However, the Atlantic is really also a cause for concern, read more below. One thing to mention is because of the unique placement of the UK and the many weather patterns surrounding us, it is very difficult to accurately forecast Winter Weather, please bear that in mind and this isn’t a definite forecast. Even final Snow Predictions are fairly uncertain when the Winter actually gets going.

Snow Cover is off to a Strong Start – this is good Weather News if you want Cold & Snowy Forecast for the UK for Winter 2015.

UK 2015-2016, Will it be Cold & Snowy? Forecast. Siberian and Russian Snow Cover are supporting some interesting winter conditions this year as Northern Blocking will be higher.




Now, the Atlantic is setting itself up in quite an interesting state. We have a tripole, however it is further North than usual, this is not the best of signs. We have very warm waters from Mexico to Africa, and a belt of cooler waters in the more Central region closer to the UK. This will cause the jet stream to be slightly weaker. With a strong jet stream firing out of the United States due to a Strong El Nino, the quick “Death” of the Jet when it hits the Atlantic may push more unstable air into the High Pressure over Greenland, allowing it to become weaker, and pushing Low pressure North West of the UK towards Iceland. AT THE SAME TIME, During Winter 2015/16, we will see strong high pressure over Scandinavia and Siberia, this may allow some good, “battlefield” scenarios to develop, allowing some good Snow events to reach the UK. As you can see by my Summary Chart below, this WINTER UPDATE shows how the factors could interact with the atmosphere and cause such surface conditions over the UK:

#UK Winter Forecast 2015-16, How the Patterns are going to Come together and influence the Prediction. 

United Kingdom Winter 2015-16. EL NINO Will allow cold air to plummet, allowing an interesting Prediction for the UK.



Solar Activity, Reasonable for the coming Winter. Not to support a Severe Winter, but quite good, especially into 2016.

Now, Solar Activity will be in quite a good place for Winter 2015-2016 for the UK. The Forecast is for around 35 spots at any one given point on the Sun. For a severe winter, you need this to be under 10, however other occasions are possible, like 62/63. Now, Solar Activity will be “lowish”, meaning it will be a little easier to sustain the Blocking if it does form, meaning cold spells should last for a reasonable length of time this year. By 2020 however, Solar Activity should promise some very interesting Winter Forecasts to occur on this page, perhaps by then a 2010 repeat ;)

Winters Are Forecast to get much colder and snow in the coming years. Long Range UK Winter 2016 Forecast.


Conclusion for UK Winter 2015-16 Forecast; Will it be particularly cold & snowy?

A combination of the Tripole, lowish solar activity and strong El Nino should certainly promise some good cold & snow snaps this Winter. However the jet stream will certainly have it’s usual ummph, meaning we will probably see a breakdown in time (as usual). I think we have a better chance of seeing the snowier and colder conditions later in the Winter, alike the last 2 Winters, but this Winter should be worse. Now, due to the cold waters and the strong polar vortex over the USA, the Greenland high is probably not going to be in a very favorable state. This means that the wait for proper snow could be fairly long, and that any snow could come straight from the North East, or from the North North West. Direct Easterly flows probably wont deliver much snow, and Northerly flows will probably be weak at times. So, a Winter with certain surprises, definitely one to watch. Thank you for Reading this UK Winter 2015-16 Forecast from KasimsWeatherWatcher :)

During the upcoming Winter Season, a Strong El Nino a Magnetic Polar Shift will allow a VERY strong jet, and at times due to the modoki El Nino & polar magnetic shift; this will allow high pressure and blocking, indeed some good snow is possible for Winter 2016-16.

During the upcoming Winter Season, a Strong El Nino a Magnetic Polar Shift will allow a VERY strong jet, and at times due to the modoki El Nino & polar magnetic shift; this will allow high pressure and blocking, indeed some good snow is possible for Winter 2016-16.


Will we see a snowy A Quick Update to Get Everyone Excited – Looks Like the Cold Mr Winter is fighting back. Although many signals hint at mild, both cold Atlantic temperatures, high pressure over the Arctic this Summer are raising questions:

Here it is, KasimsWeatherWatchers UK Winter 2015-2016 Weather Prediction, (disclaimer & preliminary forecast available below), let’s hope for a good cold & snowy winter this year, but our luck is really great isn’t it ;)… Keep up with Global Winter Forecast News At Click Here Snow Watch 2016 Prediction Page. This article takes a look at where we stand with the major Winter Forecast factors and how they relate to the UK and tries to give an idea of how the patterns (which are highly complex), around the UK may work as a result of them, and what kind of Winter we could see, etc. So Enjoy the Read :) WINTER UPDATE:

A cold winter, or a mild winter ahead? Nowadays people always want long range forecasts with accuracy – I get questions such as what will it be like this day 3 months ahead etc. It is simply not possible to give a weather forecast that far out as it stretches into Climatic scales, and for that you need to look in a Climatic way, so we are going to look at “big” scale forecast factors, such as the Oceanic & Solar Cycles, atmospheric rivers and much more. The major talking point of Winter 2015/16 is the El Nino, or indeed a Super El Nino (more than 3.0C above average). This will be a “modoki super El Nino”, which means a Central Based, Strong El Nino. And this is what it could look like for Winter 2015 and into 2016, but later in that year a La Nina (the opposite), is forecast. Modoki basically means that the warm waters associated with this particular El Nino will be further West, more “Central”- Middle.:

*A Strong El Nino usually gives a powerful Winter jet stream 

*A Modoki El Nino usually helps the formation of blocking, this may lead to a Stormy & Cool Winter, with the best chance of snow later on in the season as that is when Solar Activity will fall and the El Nino will die down. Lower solar activity is linked to a reduced North Atlantic Oscillation. 

ElNino201516UK this strong to Super 3.5C+ above average El Nino will give a Mild Westerly flow for the UK but could also give cold and snowy shots in the prediction for the Winter 2015.




During the upcoming Winter Season, a Strong El Nino a Magnetic Polar Shift will allow a VERY strong jet, and at times due to the modoki El Nino & polar magnetic shift; this will allow high pressure and blocking, indeed some good snow is possible for Winter 2016-16.

During the upcoming Winter Season, a Strong El Nino a Magnetic Polar Shift will allow a VERY strong jet, and at times due to the modoki El Nino & polar magnetic shift; this will allow high pressure and blocking, indeed some good snow is possible for Winter 2016-16.



Thank you for Reading KasimsWeatherWatcher’s very early UK Winter Prediction, I hope you enjoyed. A Strong Jet Stream may be pushed South at times to provide a very snowy and cold few snaps at times, but mixed in between some stormy periods. The disclaimer that goes with this article is that forecasting more than a few days out holds major uncertainties, and forecasting into the winter ahead goes into climatic scales which needs “big scale” factors. These factors are not hugely understood in terms of how they influence climate and weather, however we shall see how this prediction goes. Winter is not too long away now, lets just hope 2015-2016 is a Good Snowy One ( ;) )


Lets hope Winter 2015 2016 is a Snow full Winter for the British Isles.

Cars Abandoned as Heavy Snow Grips the South East of England.









How Will Welcome to Kasim’s Early but detailed Long Range UK Winter 2015/16 weather forecast (Harsh Modern Winter?) interesting update by KasimsWeatherWatcher; in which we will take a detailed look at the factors which are thought to drive the atmospheric pattern in the North Atlantic & UK during the upcoming months when the forecast really does ramp up. Add the date 1st July 2015 to your diary as that is when the next Winter Update will be :)

Solar Activity (the key for Cold weather) Pan Our During The Coming Winter of 2015-16 for Britain;

An interesting point I want to make out – Solar activity will be taking a huge decline during the next few years as we head into a continued phase of low solar activity – it does have a “build up” effect on the weather (through Atmospheric Influences). As you can see, preliminary forecasts for the sun heading into 2020, Do signal a further decline, patronizing the Westerly flows for the upcoming winter UK 2015-2016 seasons, perhaps starting with this year? Read Below for the full forecast.

Solar Activity & Winter Weather Forecast; Increasingly East NAO is often due to solar activity in the minimum phase, these are the forecast factors.

In these Detailed Winter 2015-16 UK  weather updates, we shall go in – depth as to what drives the upper air pressure patterns, and how they can feed back to bring certain type of conditions. We shall analyse what conditions these predicted are forecast to be in, and produce a conclusion as to how it will materialize due to this. With concentration on the rare style of El Nino, as well as other factors. Read. The method is slowly improving year on year, accuracy of KasimsWeatherWatcher’s long range updates should follow later on.

Great Potential for 2015/16 Cold due to El Nino & SST’s Combination; What are the weather Implications of this?

Snowy Road in Devon During 2009, as Heavy Snow falls during a Super El Nino Year.

Snowy Road in Devon During 2009, as Heavy Snow falls during a Modoki El Nino Year; however that doesn’t mean any Modoki year will be This Snowy this year ;)

A Super El Nino In A Modoki Style, is not a Recorded Modern event (away from the 2015-16 forecast), therefore, it could bring a mighty surprise this year for the UK Winter Season (doesn’t it always surprise Us ;)., it may Increase likelihood of forced Northern Blocking to the NW of the UK, and as a result a Colder experience; in contrast there are huge uncertainties regarding the detail and how things may pan out, read about these weather factors below. 

If so, read on, this UK Winter 2015-16 update paying attention to various long range forecast topics for the upcoming year, will certainly have snow lovers interested here at KasimsWeatherWatcher, I am also a snow – lover :) We will touch on El Nino Southern Oscillation, Siberian Cover, Arctic Sea Ice, the long range models, Solar Activity, Quassi Benniel Oscillation, and much more for the increasingly cold looking, due to a variety of factors, however we can not be 100% certain. Bear in mind, the next update here at will be in July.

The Previous Winter Year;

The Previous year, 2015, largely influenced by North to North Westerly winds, was near average, at times significant snowfall; however it wasn’t 100 days of snow, nor the “worst winter” for a Century. Certain factors, a major one being Sea Surface Temperatures, suggest 2015-16 will follow suit, or perhaps could be a tad colder than the previous. 

To forecast long range in the United Kingdom requires the understanding that the systems, largely influenced by various patterns, are very volatile, and can not be predicted in a text book manor. In this year’s KasimsWeatherWatcher long range outlook we shall be concentrating on various factors that go into the scene. These will include; El Nino (ENSO), Solar Activity (Activity of the Sun, including the way it influences our ionosphere, stratosphere etc), QBO (Quassi Benniel Oscillation), Siberian Snow Cover, Analogue models/data, and of course various long range models, including the CFS data model, JMA, and a host of others. So, get a hot cup of tea or something to eat, as this will be a rather long update, and very detailed :)

During The Winter Build Up, There is a Huge Amount of Hype for A Severe Season in the Media, the same is likely for 2016:

UK During Winter 2010, 100% Cover of SnowFall.

During the Winters of 2009 & 2010, almost the entire Country was blanketed in snow, this year similar synoptics in terms of El Nino will be present; but that doesn’t guarantee a cold, snow laden modern season…

During October and November 2015, which is the build up period of the following winter, is often the time which most forecasts are put out. Most years, it can look like, or appear ;) to be in for a cold year, take last year as an example, the El Nino was Modoki (Central Based, supporting Cold for the UK (similarly so will 2015 be) ),  including a Very Negative, East Based NAO, A Cold, Snow Scenario. It is very important to understand that, each year, and in meteorology (hour) offers a new imbalance of factors, and how this will relate to the Atlantic pattern, which is very important. Articles supporting a Severe Winter such as that one, suggesting “100 days of snow”, are often the result of taking these signals too literal, and forgetting that long range weather, is never going to be “certain”, or definite. However, it can get us Forecasters in a tangle when it comes to building Excitement and the risk of Heavy Snow :)

Winter 2015-16 KasimsWeatherWatcher’s analogues & comparison to previous years: similarities with the record – breaking 2009/2010 big freeze.

What I find extremely interesting for the coming winter, is that the forecast El Nino & Solar Activity for this year, are very close to that of 2009/2010, with a strong to very strong El Nino from the CFS, & a reduced Solar Activity. A strong El Nino, characteristically would increase the risk of Mild Weather, because it forces the United States Jet Stream, heading it into the British Isles later in 2015, this in turn produces a strong flow, keeping any Northern Blocking and colder temperatures tucked up North of Iceland and into the Arctic. With solar activity that isn’t very low (extremely low solar activity, or at least very low, causes stratospheric warming events, cancelling out the affect of a strong El Nino). However, the El Nino during this year and especially during the early part of 2016 and late 2015 is predicted to be a Modoki Event, this having the effect of producing a deeper low pressure weather pattern close to Texas in Southern USA, which causes downwelling of cold into more Western parts of the U.S, this has the return effect of pushing Northern Blocking towards Newfoundland and Greenland, and creating a Negative NAO Scenario for the UK. Yes, we are looking ahead towards a Modoki El Nino, however cooler than average Sea temperatures around the British Isles will have the affect of dampening down the Blocking efforts. Of course the more in depth kasimsweatherwatcher winter updates in October-November will explain much much more.

As you can see Below: the upcoming winter of 2015 will have similarities with 2009-10, however there are huge uncertainties; the biggest of which how a Westerly QBO will negate the affects of increasingly exciting factors aiding a negative NAO.

The upcoming winter will have similarities with that of 2009, in terms of the El Nino, and solar activity.

Solar Activity (will be declining), ENSO (will be increasing in a Moderate fashion), both of these increments should suggest more Blocking and Northerly flows, we shall wait and see during December, if we are really in for this long range bucket of teleconnection interest for 2016 weather.

  Next year is probably going to be even more difficult to predict that last says KasimsWeatherWatcher’s forecast , although the outcome, will likely be not average.

Most Mathematical Models such as the JMA, Korean, European Etc, Russian: Do Not Predict for Winter 2015-16 weather Until August. 

With No Tripole, the Atlantic will be in an Increasingly cold pattern forecast this year in the North, the Coldest for 2 decades, could this drive an increase of strong stormy flows, turned into cold & wintry NW flows for 2015-2016 in particular. This, in turn with the very strong Modoki El Nino in place, could come together to create something truly remarkable during early 2016, in a scientific sense; as this pattern has not been observed before. A modoki El Nino is thought to create a cold Europe/UK (uncertain), and a No Tripole setting may help reinforce a strong jet stream. With low solar activity during winter 2015-16, it could be at times quite easy to push the Cold Air Masses East, and down across Britain in a NW – SE manor, funneling snow and cold into the British Isles from a Polar air source. This is not an incredibly cold, or Wintry pattern, however the Northerly Arctic shots can be potent at times. In terms of Siberia and Easterly flows, this will be kept until the next weather Update, which will be released in July. I’m not giving away any further information, however it certainly looks like Northerly may be the New Easterly, for the coming seasons of interest. We just can’t be sure of what it will hold :)

Preliminary Conclusion & Release of Upcoming Release Dates;  & Are the Theories Reliable?

As ever with long range forecast theories, the back up is fairly low, and the science is in it’s infancy. Here at KasimsWeatherWatcher we are passionate about increase accuracy and reliability of winter forecasts, however there will be twists and turns in the journey;

This would have the affect of driving in Colder conditions across the UK during Winter 2015-16 due to high pressure then blocking up towards Greenland, however with largely below average sea surface temperatures across the NW of Europe likely to last deeper into the season of interest; we can expect the storm – laden Westerlies to be rather strong especially during January & February. One would think that this is not leading to a colder negative NAO pattern, however the model doesn’t show that with this it would be fairly easy for a fairly snowy North Westerly wind, especially later on in the 2016 Year. The 2 Charts from the CFS are explained below. This is honestly just for fun. Long range in the UK are not to be taken seriously, and the accuracy is not expected to be particularly high. Continued, the belief and practice of theory that various drivers (El Nino, QBO, Solar Activity, North Atlantic Oscillation Drivers) do have some affect, and exactly how they affect the atmospheric set up and long range drivers, can lead to us gaining the required knowledge to hopefully long range forecast / speculate ;) more accurately in the future, and including a higher degree of accuracy. As at the moment I will admit, that it is just to be taken lightly and I will try and put together a more in depth view for 2016 forecast as we head later through the Autumn period. Thank you for reading this long range update at, do stay tuned for further winter 2015-16 updates, we will also have a North America Winter 2015-2016 Forecast Update. Here are those Charts!

Classically, a large El Nino event would increase a West - Mild Flow across the UK. However this would increase the chances of colder weather, and even snow from a Northerly wind, as it's combined with an increasingly cold North Atlantic :)

Classically, a large El Nino event (forecast for later in 2015) would increase a West – Mild Flow. However this Modoki would increase the chances of colder weather, and even snow from a Northerly wind, as it’s combined with an increasingly cold North Atlantic, the cold Atlantic temperatures would reduce the power of the jet stream at that time of year. This theory shall go through it’s tests during this Winter of course, and into the snow period for the British Isles.


CFS Pacific huge anomaly during winter 2015 - 2016, promises a surprise for this Country, there are various theories as to how it links into the UK, we will discuss these through Autumn.

Very high SST’s in the Pacific to end 2015-16 weather period, yes, this in an unseen rare Type of El Nino; it could bring a surprise :) However, the true effects of El Nino in this country are not studied enough to be certain, however we shall see in the later updates for UK, The Winter Forecast. KasimsWeatherWatcher next update will be in July, please come back for that!


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    Do you ever look back at historical records to search for repeating/predictive general weather patterns/cycles?
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    The compu-forecasts are notoriously inaccurate for a predicting Northerly/north easterly/easterly setup!

    The snowy/icy weather is upon us before they start stating it. Happens every time if you look out for it!

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  8. how much snow r we going to see here on long island?? r we going to have any blizzards or really bad storms?? R we going to be above or below average in snowfall?? R temperatures going to be cold or warm??

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    do you think winter 2015-16 will be colder than last year or are we expecting the change in the Atlantic to bump up the westerlies

  11. Very interesting read once again Kasim :)
    Spot on last winter…hoping for excitement this coming winter :)

    • Asphodel says:

      It is pleasing to see a moe sensible long range forecast as compared to the idiotic site “Exacta Weather. long range forecasts are notoriously difficult to get right,it should be remembered that meteorology is still in its infancy and 5 day predictions are as far as today’s super computers can go with any degree of accuracy.
      Stratosperic warmings are another tool that can be used it prediction a very cold spell with better accuracy and I believe this winter is not expected to have any of these but there again there were none in 1978/9 so all is up for grabs.
      I have been a cold snowy weather lover all my life ans certainly as far as the North East of England is concerned the last two winters have been a write off without one full day of laying snow.Best of luck with you forecasts,.

  12. Terry Scholey says:

    Like your work its very good. Regarding the winter, lots of winds between west and north do seem likely, but these can be mild or cold depending on the origin of the air mass.

    If we get a lot of CNW this coming autumn, then the winter will be cold. If we get a lot of ANW then the opposite will be true. You can test out this theory through the period.

    Keep up the good work

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