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Good evening folks. It’s been another Sweltering day across the British Isles. Temperatures have soared to the High 20′s Celcius. A High of 30.3C was Recorded at WeatherObsUK today, the second warmest of 2013 so far (Yesterday was 1st). In today’s Blog we’re having a quick, 1-2 minute Read on the month of October 2013 latest weather outlook & forecast, for UK & Europe.

UK October 2013 Weather Outlook Forecast: CFS:

Latest: Frequent Updates will continue to be Issued, so stay tuned for those over the coming weeks & months. We’re having a quick look at the CFS today, the “Notorious CFS” ‘s Weather Forecast for the Month of October 2013 (UK Weather Outlook) ;). – More Long Range models will become available as we approach October 2013 in terms of the UK Weather Forecast, so for example the BCC, South Korean & JMA will fall into these updates as we endure the Weather-Lead-Up and issue further October 2013 weather forecasts & Outlooks. 

CFS UK Weather for October 2013.

The latest CFS shows a Westerly flow over the British Isles with a trough of low pressure to the West of the country, Classic Unsettled Autumn. The CFS has been fairly inconsistent with this idea to “Weakly consistent” – so the Reliability of this is fairly low. – At least it presents the start of a Picture, which I like to use as a Starting point on an Approach to a forecast; Which will evolve rapidly over August & September, before the “Final” October UK Weather forecast is released on the 1st of October. – Exciting stuff, Stay tuned:

View the Previous. UK October 2013 Weather Outlook/Forecast. (Click to View).



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