UK November 2013 Latest Weather Outlook.

UK Weather Forecasts & Outlooks for Britain & Ireland.Good evening Folks, Today’s Final Long Range Fest Update looks at the Latest weather forecast for November 2013, UK. A Very preliminary Outlook, November 2013 is just as Uncertain as the Winter forecast, a mere 4 months away, well into the Autumn Season, approaching Winter. The  Latest CFS Guidance points at a “Near Normal” November, however slightly on the Unsettled side in the North, with Higher Pressure building in. This would allow Cold, Frosty Nights, with Mild Sunny days & more Unsettled in the NW. However, there are Hints of Blocking, which would allow Colder conditions to approach the UK.

The overall theme of the CFS for November UK, is Near-Normal to slightly cool Temperature, Drier than Average with a good deal of Blocking across the UK, which would lead to Cold/Frosty periods. And more Unsettled in the NW. The October 2013 Outlook mentioned an “Unsettled set up; Which may carry on into November before periods of Blocking (High Pressure) become more apparent into November. A Very early & speculative forecast for November 2013 UK. Here’s the CFS Chart for November, notice the High Pressure across the Country:

Long Range CFS Outlook November 2013,

Latest CFS Long Range Seasonal Chart for November 2013. “Normal – Cool” & Frosty Conditions November 2013,

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