*UK December 2013*;- *Weather Outlook*;- *Cold *UKWeather* Hinted At?* :)*;-

*Good Evening Folks!*;- &*Today’s *UK December 2013* *Weather Outlook* Here @ *KasimsWeatherWatcher* Focuses On How UKWeather, May Shape Up, During The Month Of December 2013* :);- *The Previous *UKWeather Outlook* For December 2013 Here @ *KasimsWeatherWatcher* Hinted @ A Slightly *Cooler Than Average Month*;- *That Is Still Rather The Emphasis For December 2013*;- *Although There Is A Great Deal Of UnCertainly, *This Is Mainly Due To The Unreliability Of The *UKWeather* Models;- &*Also The *Positive QBO* State *December 2013* Will Be In;- *A Positive *Mild* QBO State* *(Westerly)*;- *In UKWinter Months Equates* To Reduced Risk Of SSW (And *UKWeather* Cold);- *So There’s A Huge Caveat Already*;- *UKWeather* Cold Can *Still Develop* During UKWinter Even Without A *Negative QBO*;- *So If Cold UKWeather* Were To Develop Into *December 2013*;- *Then A Positive QBO*;- *Would Not Stop That From Happening* :). *Siberian Snow Cover* &*CFS Weather Model* Are All Hinting At Something Cold For The UK For The Month Of December 2013* :)*. &*Here’s The Latest CFS *Weather Outlook* For December 2013*;- *That’s A Cold* Chart By All Means* :*).

*The Latest Siberian Snow Cover* As Featured In Sunday Night’s Whizz** Update Is Also Good To Go And Nicely Developed *As Of Mid-October 2013*;- *Although How Siberian Snow Cover *Develops Through October/November Is Fairly Uncertain So Stay Tuned For That Although Colder SiberianWeather Is Foretasted For LateOctober2013 So We May See Significant Increases In Snow Cover Through This Month Into Late October 2013 If It Carry’s On This Way* :)*. *The CFS Weather Model Is Fairly UnReliable;- *Although It Has Been Hinting At Cold *UKWeather* For December 2013* For A Long While &*+The QBO Goes Against This So We’ll See How Things Progress Into October/November* :);- *We’ll Have More UKWeather Updates Over The Coming Weeks* Here @ KasimsWeatherWatcher For *December 2013*;- *I’d Say Moderate Confidence Cool*;- *Low Confidence Mild &*Low Confidence*Cold* :)*;- *This Will Continue To Evolve And Next Week We’ll Have The More Accurate* South Korean & MJO* Forecasts To Look At  To Build Confidence* In A Particular *UKWeather Outlook* Outcome For December 2013* :)*Thank You Very Much For Reading &*Stay Tuned* As Always For Further December 2013 *UKWeather* *Outlook’s* Here @ *KasimsWeatherWatcher* :);:- 



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