Back Ground Analysis To The Winter Update’s; NAO/Solar/ENSO/QBO Last 15 Winter’s :)

Good evening everybody, Kasim here. Now, this is really a “Teaser” update, as I have made some Graphs after looking at some Data and doing many calculations to find out averages, (Don’t worry, I have not come up with anything I think this Data shows yet, and wont be able to for a while as it’s going to take Intense levels of Peer reviewing and Looking back at Lots of Winters :)

Now, below you will find 2 Charts, 1 Showing the ENSO/NAO/Solar Activity for the past 15 Years, and one showing QBO, and the May SST’s as well, and of couse the ENSO/Solar/QBO, now this looks Very Interesting to me, that is all I’m saying at this moment in time :)

Now it Certainly Looks like Low Solar Activity Helps create an Overall Negative NAO Winter, and the QBO Certainly has Some Clought, This Sunday however I will be Releasing These Graphs,, But for the Past 100 Winters, Woop! And So Before You read that Update, this is a “Teaser” Update, the Real Interesting Part is When We Create an NAO Theoretical Forecast For Winter 2014/15 In September Based On All This Analysis, So Stay Tuned Folks, Thank You For Reading :).

Acknowledgements Include: University of Berlin QBO Index, NOAA SST Anomalies, Tim Osborn NAO Data, NASA  Solar Cycle Data/Prediction, NOAA ENSO Archive, Thanks for Reading, as I say the Real Interesting Part to All Of This Will Be This Sunday When We Look More into the Data and Try and See Whats Going on For The Past 100 Years!! And Of Course In September When The NAO Guidance For Winter 2014/15 Is Issued Based On This Analysis, Thank You :D

Before Sunday & September Have A Read Of The US (Which Is A Bit More Confident), Winter Outlook.

Have A Read Of The UK Winter Outlook Based On The Uncertain Atlantic AMO to, Thank you :)>


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