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UK February 2014 Snow Forecast Included?* :); *(NOW INCLUDING SPRING 2014)* :).

Winter 2013/14 Latest CFS Prediction . Cold & Easterly (Negative NAO).

FEBRUARY 2014 SNOW RISK UK FORECAST NOW LIVE *UK Winter Weather Forecast Deadline;- *Low-Moderate Confidence Of A Cool-Cold Winter With The Polar Vortex In The Year Of 2014 Reaching The British Isles To Bring A Cooler Than Average Winter*;- *Potentially A Winter Like 1960′s Cool-Cold And Snow Etc; *Significant Factors Pointing Towards It* ;_) * Feel […]

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US Winter Forecast 2013/14 Weather; (*NOW INCLUDING SPRING 2014*)


Early Spring 2014 US Weather Outlook Now – LIVE US Winter 2013/14 Going Well SO FAR – NorEasters Dominant El Nino Pattern Shown Will We Do Well For Winter 2014/15?? You Can Find Out What We Think In July, *Good Evening Folks! . Welcome to the Latest KasimsWeatherWatcher’s US Winter 2013/14 Weather Forecast* . It’s […]

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UK Winter 2013/2014 Forecast “Cold Snow Winter” Blocking?

Sea Surface temperatures hint at a cold winter 2013/14 forecast.

Latest UK Winter 2013/2014 Predictions (September Update) is now Live to View. Then go on to Read the Latest US Winter 2013/2014 ENSO Update & Seasonal Models Update - Live. Good evening Yes, it’s the bigy Next Winter 2013/2014 Forecast & Seasonal Outlook. In tonight’s blog post we’re going to focus on May Sea Surface temperatures and how […]

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UK 8-10 Day Discussion: Heat to Uncertainty. & Alarming Winter UK 2013/14 CFS.

CFS Forecast for Winter 2013/14. Uncertain Cold.

Good afternoon. It’s another Sweltering day across the British Isles with temperatures soaring into the High 20s C (& low 80s F) across many Central areas of the UK. It’s another Great day. It will certainly be warm enough to “Get reporting” on the “WXOBS” Section today, see if we can top yesterday’s 30.4C reported […]

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