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So, Are The Signs Really Pointing Towards A Harsh Winter 2015/16 for the UK?

Good evening everyone. The clocks are back, and so is the Winter feel. It’s only 5 weeks until many parts of the UK could see snow at any time. We are now starting to decline Solar Activity at reasonable rates – in a couple of years Severe Winters are very likely. However for now, Solar […]

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UK WINTER 2015-16 FORECAST, Cold?: Harsh Modern Winter?


Welcome to KasimsWeatherWatcher’s Latest UK Winter 2015-16 Weather Forecast. El Nino will be “Super” this year, meaning that the United States are likely to see some very severe Winter conditions with lots of heavy snow. Closer to home, it looks like Eastern Europe is also set for a strong Winter, this means it does look […]

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UK July 2015 Weather Forecast! & August, Plus Autumn “Sneak Peek” ;)

Welcome to KasimsWeatherWatcher’s July 2015 UK Weather Prediction, Warm & Thundery or a Damp Squib? Find out here :) Let’s see how July & August weather is likely to pan out in the UK, well, I think I’m not the only one who is hoping for some Summer sun & warmth (and By August of […]

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High Pressure Continues to Stay But….


It’s a Tuesday morning and the weather is fabulous with high pressure still across the United Kingdom bringing much more settled and warm conditions with winds from the SE. According to latest weather models , it’s suggesting that this high pressure will migrate northeast across into the North Sea. Oh , There’s a ‘but’ in […]

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