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UK November 2013 Latest Weather Outlook.

Good evening Folks, Today’s Final Long Range Fest Update looks at the Latest weather forecast for November 2013, UK. A Very preliminary Outlook, November 2013 is just as Uncertain as the Winter forecast, a mere 4 months away, well into the Autumn Season, approaching Winter. The  Latest CFS Guidance points at a “Near Normal” November, […]

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UK Winter 2013/2014 Forecast “Cold Snow Winter” Blocking?

Sea Surface temperatures hint at a cold winter 2013/14 forecast.

Latest UK Winter 2013/2014 Predictions (September Update) is now Live to View. Then go on to Read the Latest US Winter 2013/2014 ENSO Update & Seasonal Models Update - Live. Good evening Yes, it’s the bigy Next Winter 2013/2014 Forecast & Seasonal Outlook. In tonight’s blog post we’re going to focus on May Sea Surface temperatures and how […]

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