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SC 24 Latest Update; Low Solar Activity continues.

Solar Cycle 24 continues on it’s unproductive path (29.08.13), Solar activity remains very low. Solar Activity & UK Winter Forecast connection Update can be found below. The previous solar activity update showed increased Solar activity & during the previous few days Sunspot number was fairly high with a fairly Active sun; However Solar Activity has now […]

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“SolarSunday” Solar Cycle 24 & 25, Dalton Minimum; Colder Spell?


Good evening Folks. There has been much talk recently about Solar Cycle 24 & 25. In case you are unaware, the 11 year Solar Cycle is a cycle of Solar Activity from minimal activity to maximum activity.  Solar cycle 25 is foretasted to be of much lower activity than cycle 24, but is this comparison […]

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Solar Sunday; August 2013 Solar Cycle 24 “Very Low” Early Aug + August UK Stats.


Good afternoon folks, Thanks for tuning into Today’s Second Update. A look at the Latest Solar Activity for August 2013 & a Quick mention of July 2013′s UK Stats, the Official July/August 2013 “LookBack” will be Issued later in the Month. Solar Activity, since Last Week’s Update. Which you can View Here. Is Very Low […]

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Solar Activity Latest: 27th July 2013. Reduction in Activity Late July 2013.

Solar Activity Latest: 27th July 2013: Good Afternoon folks, Today’s Solar Blog has had to been taken off “Top Priority”, because of the Heavy & Thundery downpours working into Southern England Right Now. Looking further away (Very far Away), and the Sun this week has Decreased it’s Activity. What’s also more Apparent is the Solar […]

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