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UK Weather Outlook; Long Range November 2014 Forecast Update. More Unsettled, But Colder? :)


Return to this Page for the Next November Update: 23rd November.Good evening everyone, and welcome to my latest UK Weather outlook at KasimsWeatherWatcher. Tonight’s update takes outlook takes a detailed look at November 2014 UK Weather, hopefully we will see something a little “cooler” for this Time. So, are we going to see the Jet […]

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Winter Advice From Meteorologist Coby

A Wintry Scene :)

The upper northern hemisphere  with country’s  as Greenland and Iceland are starting to see cold air building across the arctic pole regions and this will continue to build and deepen with cold air and eventually by November ,or late October we will see this cold air descend across Britain if we see high pressure building to […]

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&*US Significant & Severe Snow Storm To Affect NE & Eastern States During 4th-6th February 2014 :D

&*Good Morning Guys :) Kasim Here With Your Latest US Weather Blog, Looking at the Forecast/Risk of a Significant Snow Spell falling between the 4th & 6th of February 2014 & Producing in Access of 1ft of Snow for Central Northern US States, Stretching up No The  Newfoundland area, Including Snow Accumulation Chart (1-2ft in Places) […]

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