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“Holiday Weather” JUNE 2015: Check out the Global Weather Prospects for 10-14 Days :) – Mediterranean, Europe, United States!

17th June 2015 Update -Welcome to KasimsWeatherWatcher’s “Holiday Weather”, as we head Further into the Summer Season, I’m not the only one who’s going to want to get out of this UK rubbish & try and get some proper Sun. With a particularly interest with the United States heat wave & exactly how conditions will […]

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Solar Activity Update & The Modern Winter “Low Cold, NAO” Connection; Little Ice Age Emerging?


A “warm ;)” welcome to my latest blog, and probably my most interesting ever, @ kasimsweatherwatcher. In this blog update, we will discuss the “great” solar energy minimum forecast during 2017-2022, and how this may relate to a decline in temperatures for winters across West Europe, and indeed the United Kingdom during the coming years.  […]

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