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UK WINTER 2015-16 FORECAST, Cold?: Harsh Modern Winter?


Welcome to KasimsWeatherWatcher’s Latest UK Winter 2015-16 Weather Forecast. El Nino will be “Super” this year, meaning that the United States are likely to see some very severe Winter conditions with lots of heavy snow. Closer to home, it looks like Eastern Europe is also set for a strong Winter, this means it does look […]

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Solar Activity Update & The Modern Winter “Low Cold, NAO” Connection; Little Ice Age Emerging?


A “warm ;)” welcome to my latest blog, and probably my most interesting ever, @ kasimsweatherwatcher. In this blog update, we will discuss the “great” solar energy minimum forecast during 2017-2022, and how this may relate to a decline in temperatures for winters across West Europe, and indeed the United Kingdom during the coming years.  […]

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#UK Weather Outlook For November 2014, :) “Improvement” Still On Course? + September And October Update :).

Good Evening Everyone, and Thank you for Tuning into Tonight’s Latest #UKWeather Outlook looking into Late August & early September, and also a Quick Update on November 2014, UK Weather “Sneak Peek” Outlook :). Brrrrr, Things are Looking Very Chilly Next Few Day’s, and Indeed Nights. An area of Low Pressure has pushed East to […]

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August 2013 Weather Forecast: BCC Goes All Mixed & Westerly.

CFS Long range month ahead forecast for August 2013 UK.

Good evening Folks. The UK continues to “Bask in the Heat”, with Highs of 31C in places. Looks like we’ll be seeing something of  a “Break down” during Late July. More on that Here. In Today’s Surprise Blog just want to bring you a quick update on the Latest model release – from the BCC for […]

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