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U.S WINTER 2017/2018 Preliminary Forecast

KasimsWeather United States.

United States Winter 2017/2018 weather prediction, a bad winter? Welcome to our US Winter 2017/18 weather prediction. To find out what the weather is likely to be in your location – read on. Winter 2016/17 was much milder than average as a whole with a snowy start to the winter. Due to a sharp fall […]

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USA Weather Update: 2014-15 El Nino, Is it Anywhere to be Seen, Or Into 2015? :)

The El Nino is a Significant Driver of Winter Weather in the US.Through much of 2013 a Moderate El Nino was being Signaled for Later 2014 and Indeed 2015. It is Now August, and the El Nino isn’t doing “Great”, at the Least :). Below is the Current Sea Surface Temperatures (11th August), compared with […]

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UK & Ireland Weather Remaining On The Summery Side Full 1-10 Day Look Ahead :) + Ay Carumba :D

Good evening Everyone. Well, UK & Ireland Weather does look like it will be Remaining on the Summery Side Thankfully for the Next Few Day’s and into the End Of July. But Before We Look At The Current El Nino And 8-10 Day Look Ahead Here’s A Quick Run Over The Next Few Day’s :) […]

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