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Winter Tripole; Cold AMO (Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation), during 2015-16? – Connection with Severe 1947? –

Exceptionally Bitter Winter conditions during 2009 in the UK; could an incredibly sharp fall in AMO & Solar Activity spark a further risk of these kinds of events.

Could a Cold AMO Re-Activate Northern Blocking across Europe & the US during the coming Winter’s? “A Decline in Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature, increases the Risk of a Cold Winter??” Recently, the Atlantic has switched from a warm period occupied from the late 90′s to 2015 to 2016 – (characterized by above average Atlantic temperatures), to […]

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U.S Heat Forecast Update; Will There Be An Extreme HeatWave During July 2015? & Climatic Update; Arctic Sea Ice.

Good afternoon folks :). During previous Summer’s the US really has been in the sauna, with temperatures during 2013 baking into the low 40′s ‘C (low 100′s Farenheight), Today’s Update Explores if this Summer, more especially July, live up to the previous Sun Bakers? A Recap on Earlier Summer’s Baking heat, and will July 2015 live […]

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Solar Activity Update & The Modern Winter “Low Cold, NAO” Connection; Little Ice Age Emerging?


A “warm ;)” welcome to my latest blog, and probably my most interesting ever, @ kasimsweatherwatcher. In this blog update, we will discuss the “great” solar energy minimum forecast during 2017-2022, and how this may relate to a decline in temperatures for winters across West Europe, and indeed the United Kingdom during the coming years.  […]

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USA Weather Update: 2014-15 El Nino, Is it Anywhere to be Seen, Or Into 2015? :)

The El Nino is a Significant Driver of Winter Weather in the US.Through much of 2013 a Moderate El Nino was being Signaled for Later 2014 and Indeed 2015. It is Now August, and the El Nino isn’t doing “Great”, at the Least :). Below is the Current Sea Surface Temperatures (11th August), compared with […]

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