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Christmas 2013 Latest #UKIreWeather Outlook; Chances Of A White One This Year? :);-.,


Good evening Folks :) (If You’re Not Keen On Technical Info Then Please Scroll Right Down For A UKIre Cities White Christmas Chance Roundup TY :) ). Will Christmas 2013 Be A “White One” This Year?;- Will Santa Get Blown Away By The Jet Stream Or Will The Arctic Freeze Him? ;*) Thank You Very […]

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&*UK Christmas 2013 *Weather Outlook* :) &*CFS & BCC Weather-Models Update :);-.,

&*Christmas 2013 #UKWeatherOutlook CountDown @ *WeatherWatcherKasim* :).

&*Good Evening Folks :) Welcome To KasimsWeatherWatcher’s Latest #UK Christmas 2013 *WeatherOutlook* Viewing The Latest Forecast From The BCC & CFS For Christmas 2013 in The UK. In This #UKWeather Update we’ll be Viewing The Latest Weather-Models BCC & CFS For Christmas 2013. Please Be Aware, Updates Of A Particular Time Period Ie Christmas & […]

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*UK ChristMas 2013*;- *Weather Forecast*;- *CFS Goings Cold?* :).

&*CFS;- &*Excellent News For *#ColdAndSnowLovers* ;- &*Just For Fun*& :);-

*Good Evening Folks! :) *. &*This Is The Second (Week 2 ;) *Experimental & Early Christmas 2013 UK *Weather Outlook*;- *Thank You Ever So Much For Tuning In Here @ *WeatherWatcherKasim* :). &*In Today’s Update, We’ll Be Updating The Latest CFS V2 Forecast For *Christmas 2013 *UK Weather* &Seeing How The Weather might shape Up […]

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*UK ChristMas 2013*;- *Weather Forecast*;- *Cold?* :).


*GoodEvening Folks* :) *. This Is The First Early & Experimental Christmas 2013 UKWeatherOutlook;- *In Which We’ll Take A Quick Look At The Latest CFS;- &Forecasts For Late December 2013* :)* Isn’t It A Bit Early?*;- You May Ask*? Long Range Forecasting Get’s More Uncertain The Further You Go Out;- *So Starting A Forecast Now […]

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