&*US Spring 2014 *Weather Outlook*; Continuing With The NE/SW El Nino & Milder April In “Calming El Nino” Theme? :)

CHEESE&*Good Evening Guys :) Winter 2013/14 US Weather Outlook Going Too Plan SO FAR -(Not Same For UK), A Cold NE US Winter With Milder, Although Not Above Average Winter So Far For SW US, El Nino Pattern Has Been Shown, And Details Off Slightly, Overall Ok-Good :) &*So, As It’s Only Very Early, We Only Have Access To A Few Weather Models, Etc, We Will Have A Look At The CFS  (Coupled Forecasting System), And El Nino Southern Oscillation Forecast For Spring 2014 In The US, And Try To Come Up With A General Concencus, Which Will Be Updated Monthly As We Head Into The Spring Forecasting Season (Which Includes Jan, Feb & Mar). So First Off Is A Look At The CFS For Spring 2014 In The US, Looking At 500mb Height Anomalies For Each Month (These Will Not Be Posted, But Linked To On This Blog And Annotated Here–).

-Notice – For Further USWx Models, Please Visit Rob Guarino’s LiveWeatherBlogs USWx Models Page – (Click Here To View) :)

So, For March 2014 – (Click To View), – The CFS Is Hinting At A West East Split Across Southern US, (So Ca. Mild) (Fl. Cold) For March 2014, Although In The North, The Reverse, So Alaska Cold, And NewFoundLand Mild. This Set Up Is Apparant Of A Weak Ell Nino Pattern (Maintaining Across Thhe South) Although Across TThe North Northern Blocking Battling Against The Southern ENSO El Nino Drivern Pattern, Causiing This 4 Quarter Set Up For The US, NE Mild, NW Cold, SW Mild, SW Cold, Etc, For March., So Fairly High Connfidence In That For March SW US Sees Warm n Dry, NW Cold & Snowy, NE Probably Near Normal, SE Cool, Wet, Etc, For March 2014 :)

Now For April 2014 – Slightly Reeduced Confidence As Winter Patterns Of Polar Vortex Ends, And We Head Into Summer Pattern, So Stay Tuned Foor Next Update. -(Click To View April CFS) – For April A Big High Pressure Keeps Practically The Whole Of The US Dry, And Mild, And Probably Snow Free – Although Far West Near Normal, Some Snow NW. This Pattern Is Typical Of A “Damping Down” Zone Of Weather After An Eventful March And Winter, As High Pressure Encroaches, Keeping All Dry/Mild (Although Highly Uncertain As Winter Pattern Or Another Pattern May Take Over Apr, So Stay Tuned Next Update 6th Feb–)  

Now For May - (Click To View May CFS) - For May An El Nino Pattern Is Back, CA. Warm & Dry, East Cool & Showery, And So We Return To Winter Pattern, Although Because It’s May Feeling Warm, Esp In Central & Western Areas — A Return To Winter Pattern Is Possible, And Does Sometimes Happen In El Nino Winters, Although Very Unsure :) &*Finally, For ENSO Update, Remaining El Nino Right Through Spring 2014 In The US, So Tendency For That El Nino Pattern To Persist & Come Back Is Always There, And That Western Warmth & Eastern Cool May Return At Any Time. Thanks For Tuning Into This US Spring 2014 Weather Outlook. Still Looking For Winter’s US Forecast? To View That Click Here :)

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