NAO OUTLOOK: Heading POSITIVE Over the coming 2-3 Weeks. (JULY 2015)

This is a good signal for Winter 2015/16 Lovers, because when the NAO (Oscillation of the North Atlantic pressure pattern), goes negative early on in Summer, this pattern often reoccurs during late December or January. A Negative NAO is great if you want a Cold & Snowy UK Winter and for the North East of the U.S. Now, it is not certain that a negative NAO will repeat into the Winter, this is one of the huge uncertainties at play for the 2015-16 season, a negative tripole is in place; which is not favorable for a cold & snowy winter (for the United Kingdom). As far as the United States is concerned, cold & snow can be found easily during this Atlantic Phase. In fact a positive NAO combined with a super strong El Nino (greater than 3.5C above average) – could combine to give exceptional snow storms/winter conditions during this period, watch out United States! :). 

U.S OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: 20th August (Preliminary already Here for 2015-2016). UK OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: 15th October (Preliminary already Here) (These are the official forecasts, we will have plenty of updates before hand ;). Who’s Excited for a Cold & Snowy Winter? Deep Crusty Snow during the Morning & Unable to Get out of the House with 5FT Of Snow, 1962/63 Anyone? ;)

Exceptionally Bitter Winter conditions during 2009 in the UK; could an incredibly sharp fall in AMO & Solar Activity spark a further risk of these kinds of events.

Exceptionally Bitter Winter conditions during 2009 in the UK; could an incredibly sharp fall in AMO & Solar Activity spark a further risk of these kinds of events.


Nostalgia: Welcome to the Snow Winter 2014-15 Watch Page @ KasimsWeatherWatcher. 

Below you will find a Brief update on any Snow Risk/Outlook, and underneath a Chart displaying Snow risk in the UK in the next Week is also presented.

Latest Update: No Snow Risk anywhere in the UK For the Next Week to 10 Days; as the Atlantic continues to push Near normal temperatures And Rainfall into the UK with any risk of Sleet confined to the very Tops of the Cairngorms (Ha), in the Days following Bonfire Night (around 6-8 November), otherwise the entire  :)

Updated 2-3 Times per day with any Snow, Once a Day if Snow-Free. This page will be adding Brand New features through November: Thank you for tuning into the latest Snow Watch update, (Below the chart you will find a Long range Update), Kasim :).

 Long Range Update (27.10.2014). Mid – Late November: Very uncertain, although we may see something a little more Seasonable during this time. It’s much more sensible to keep this “unmentioned”. OPI/ Snow cover are looking good, although these will have more Winter impacts. November forecast is generally Westerly & Wet with near normal temps By KasimsWeatherWatcher.

NAO OUTLOOK: Remaining positive over the coming 7-10 Days.

16 Responses so far.

  1. Charlie says:

    Awesome – thankyou Karim

  2. Charlie says:


  3. Tracy Owen says:

    Thank you can’t wait too see when snow is going too fall in south wales.

  4. Amanda Owston says:

    Soo want snow in the westcountry love the stuff !

  5. Love your page, and some fantastic pictures of snowy scenes from the past.
    Just wondering how you measure the forecast? ?
    From a ‘blonde’ lady :-)

  6. Shell says:

    Oh I hope it comes soon to Scotland hope it’s a snowy winter

  7. Sand says:

    Love your snowy pics please keep them coming….. Hope we have snow in the midlands. Thankyou

  8. Judy says:

    I wish you would break it down more in the South so we would know how our winter is going to be. Always have all the cities up North where they get the snow but never here in the South. Love your page but please give us some hope also.

  9. Laurie Glick says:

    Dyin For COLD FALL Lots Of Cold-Snowy Winter In NYC area- Never VGet SNOW in Holiday Time- That Woiuld Rock- Hate Summer 14 Straight Sunny Weekends No Clouds Even No Rain Hardly Boring- No Hurricanes- Like Livin In SAN DIEGO!

  10. Connie says:

    I live in central texas, about 2 hours West of Dallas–what’s my winter outlook–Snow? We don’t get snow like most so a bit of it falling in Texas is an awesome site in my book!

    thanks, Connie

    • Judy says:

      I know Connie we don’t get it here in South Carolina either last year we was supposed to get a big one, our Governor even put us on a state of a emergency and we got a dusting went to work the next day. I would love to see some big ones

  11. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

  12. dw says:

    So what does all this mean I live in Kentucky, and travel to Indiana to care for mom.

  13. polly says:


  14. matthew burlingame says:

    what type of winter for pa

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