Severe Weather Ahead: Significant SNOW For Some, Gales & A Few Snow Flurries :)



Over the Course of the next 48 hours, some pretty darn exceptional weather is forecast for many hours. There are clusters of weather impacts ahead, so Use the Map below to see whether your area is Likely to be Affected :)

SEVERE GALES: Currently that’s what’s affecting Northern areas. This is the highest risk currently for Scotland, Northern England, Northern Ireland and North Wales. This risk extends into Tomorrow. But by Friday morning, it will be the SOUTH, in the firing line for Severe Gales.

SIGNIFICANT SNOW: There will be 2-10cm of snow tonight above 500 meters for Northern England and Northern Ireland. For Scotland however tonight, 2-5cm may fall down to 200 meters and generally 5-10cm above with drifts of 1-2ft causing further Problems. ALSO: During Thursday night and Friday Morning, above 200 meters for North Wales, and above 200 meters for Northern England, 5-10cm of Snow is Possible, even here a Dusting or Two is possible to Lower Ground. With perhaps in access of 10cm to Hillier Regions. This leads us into a Really Cold Friday and Saturday, with further snow showers for Northern Coasts. Then things get milder into Sunday. :-).


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  1. James F says:

    Thanks for the info Kasim, i’m looking forward to the new site too dude! Snowboards at the ready :)

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