SNOW COVER FOR THE WINTER FORECAST. This Page will keep you up to date with where the snow is falling right now, and where it is laying on the ground. As the sun starts to loose it’s energy later in Summer, heat is depleted throughout the atmosphere and the polar regions are allowed to cool down, so much so that the air is cold enough for snow to fall. During September & early Autumn, this is usually confined to the Arctic Circle, before heading South, hopefully to HIT the UK & US during Winter 2015/2016, I’m sure you want that? ;) Currently there is just a very small snow patch in the North. Increased Snow Cover leads to more Northern Blocking (high pressure). *This can intensify cold via sudden stratospheric warming and allow cold to drain of the polar regions, where it is held*. Exactly how this influences day to day winter conditions is very uncertain however exactly where, & how fast the cover develops during Autumn is a VERY important winter forecasting factor, as it often sets the scene as to how easy Northern Blocking gets going through the rest of the season. If you want Snow, stay tuned for further Snow Cover Block updates, from Kasim :- )

Scandinavian Snow Cover 2015-16 – Snow Cover is a hypothetical winter forecast element. How it impacts our weather is dependent on other factors at play, for example the strength of the jet stream, via El Nino, Solar activity etc. So it is not a stand alone element, which is how it’s sometimes portrayed. CLICK HERE to see the Current Scandinavian snow cover. Click Here to see my latest blog post, related to Scandinavian Snow cover here at KasimsWeatherWatcher. Maybe the term “Scandinavian Snow Cover”, is a little vague, it should be “Northern Snow Cover”, or “Eurasia Snow Cover”. Here is an impressive snow cover chart back from January 2013 :)


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  1. paul says:

    Hi Kasim
    what do you think the winter could be like for northern france 2015/2016

    many thanks

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