October 2013 UK Weather Forecast – Latest Guidance (20.07.13).

UK Weather Forecasts & Outlooks for Britain & Ireland.Good Evening Folks, UK October 2013 Weather Forecast – Latest Guidance is Today’s Update. October is Certainly a Very cool month compared to July, with UK Snow almost Certain on the High Ground of Scotland, Cooled Off!! Okay, in Tonight’s Blot gg we’re going to Discuss the Latest CFS For October. October is a month largely influenced by Other Climatic Influences, which will come into Play during September. So it’s Very Uncertain; We’re just going to have a “Quick Glance” at the CFS Today. 

CFS: October 2013 UK Weather Outlook Update:

The CFS plays things Westerly. Near Normal. – During Autumn you’d Expect the Jet Stream to Track over the British Isles and bring periods of Low Pressure with Strong Winds & belts of Rainfall, Postie NAO. That’s Exactly what the CFS is going for Tonight. I’ll be able to up the Value Significantly once other Climatic Processes come into Play during Aug/Sep, and Also once all the Other Seasonal Models have Updated…

CFS Long Range October 2013 UK Weather Forecast update.

CFS Latest Long Range Seasonal Output: Westerly Flow “Near Normal” October Weather.


October 2013 UK Weather Forecast Update: Conclusion:

The Latest Seasonal Output put’s Near Normal conditions. – A Westerly flow, driving in Spells of rain & cool weather, with Warmer, drier conditions at times. With any Long Range forecasts, the Information we have to deal with at this Range is very limited, so not much can be said. Over the coming weeks we’ll have more Information to work with. Indeed, more Long range forecasting models & more information on the External influences which were at hand, for example the Tropical Influences, which play a Huge part in the October 2013 UK Weather forecast. Another update will be Issued in the coming days, into the early part of August, KasimsWeatherWatcher will be Issuing it’s “Long Range Fest”, for the first few Days of August, lots of Longer Range Updates/Videos will be Issued, Stay Tuned! View previous October 2013 UK Weather forecast Updates below:

View Previous October 2013 UK Weather Forecast Update Here. 

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