Excellent Weather Forecast and Weather Website Sites Links:

RealityWeather.eu - Excellent Weather/Climate news website.

UKWeatherSnaps – Excellent Weather PhotoGraphs Page For The Picture Lovers Amung Us :).

UK Weather Forecast - Excellent UK Weather Forecast Site With Top End NMM Models Available :).

CET Index - Wide range CET data from excellent, weather website.

Four Seasons Weather :)  - Excellent Website Run By A Great South Wales Meteorologist :). 

Met Office - UK National weather service.

Hinckley Weather Blog – An excellent article on the Leicestershire supercell storms of 28th June 2012.

StormHunterNL - Excellent Storm Chasing Facebook Page.

Weather Online - Excellent weather forecasts.

Net Weather - UK Weather forecasts with top shelf weather models.

weatherweb.net - Weather forecasts and weather videos.

metlink.co.uk (Posts from Kasim are featured on this Site’s homepage at times)

BBC Weather - UK National service weather forecasts.

http://ukweatherforecasts.net/ - Daniel Smith excellent weather website.

OllieMillinWeather.Wordpress.com - Ollie Millin Excellent Weather Forecasting & Pics Blog.

Gavsweathervids.com – Excellent weather forecasting & weather videos website. Short, medium and long range weather forecasts for the United Kingdom and beyond.



Current(Live) Weather Sites:

Craven Weather - Weather forecasts and general weather information for Pendle,Craven and The Yorkshire Dales.


raintoday.co.uk (Radar)

xcweather.co.uk (Live weather)


Medium Range Weather Models:

(From Weatherweb.net)








Long Range Models (Please Treat with a Great deal of Caution):

UK Met Office Seasonal Ensemble Mean Maps

JamsTech Iod

Beijing Climate Center

Meteorological Center of Russia 

Brazilian Long Range Model

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