“Holiday Weather” JUNE 2015: Check out the Global Weather Prospects for 10-14 Days :) – Mediterranean, Europe, United States!

KasimAwan - UK Weather Website Owner.17th June 2015 Update -Welcome to KasimsWeatherWatcher’s “Holiday Weather”, as we head Further into the Summer Season, I’m not the only one who’s going to want to get out of this UK rubbish & try and get some proper Sun. With a particularly interest with the United States heat wave & exactly how conditions will pan out for the Mediterranean through June 2015. Here’s the forecast for the US, Mediterranean as well as popular Europe destinations for the coming few weeks, Enjoy the Heat Wave of this blog ;)

United States; Head over if you want a Heat Wave, that’s the story for June 2015 so Far;

Western U.S turns up the Thermostat to “Heat Wave” levels as Dry & Hot air becomes well established through Mid June 2015.

Over the coming few days, expect the US to get “Hot Hot Hot”, and it’s not going to “Stop” – as a plume of Exceptionally Hot air from Central America’s pushes North into the SW states, it will be areas close to the Death Valley, and severe drought stricken California that get the brunt of the severe weather. Forecast high temperatures for Thursday are currently expected to be as high as 40′C for South West US, particularly concentrated around Southern CA. It seems even though the El Nino IS forcing warmer temperatures across the South West, that high pressure is extremely reluctant to shift. The 104 Fahrenheit weather is likely in a swathe from CA to the Mid West, however even as far East as NY, temperatures at midnight will be up above 32C. 

Core of the Heat Centered around the West US; Very Hot temperatures are forecast for the rest of June.The image to your left annotates where the core of the heat wave will be during this week – temperatures up to 41C (105F), are likely for the Nevada desert this week. Night time temperatures will also struggle the further East you go, places as far East as NY & even Southern NewFoundland will see the 30′s C temperatures at night. Thankfully, for those of you in the West & Mid West, there will be something of a respite later this week, and temperatures will dip back down to a more apparent 34-35C, still piping hot. Those of you in the US please check out my preliminary Winter 2015-2016 Forecast for this year, things looking very interesting if you’re in the snow mood.

Mediterranean June 2015 Forecast + Mainland Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Turkey, Etc) & British Isles Weather: 

Britain & Ireland continue in “Winter weather rather than Summer weather”, with temperatures stuck in just the teens Celsius, the average maximum June temperature for London is 22C, Newcastle 18C, certainly no home land holidays.

Much of North West, Northern and Central and even Central Southern Europe is forecast to remain “stuck” in a heat neglected Westerly airflow for the coming 7-10 days. If you want to get out there & get some heat, then Spain, Portugal, will be the places to go as further small Spanish plumes will give hot & thundery weather for the coming 2 weeks over the South West Mediterranean ;).

As well as maybe the far East, but then again that’s a little further Out, Once you get past the Mid 20′s Italy & Med, (which over the coming weeks will be fair in terms of weather), it does of course get a little hotter, perhaps touching 30C for Greece & further South East. Thanks for tuning into this update :)

If you're looking for a heat wave this June; head off to Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey as there we will have heat wave weather for June 2015 :)

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  1. claire scurrah says:

    good detailed report Mr Awan :)
    could we have an update for the rest of this summer in the uk?
    Looking forward to it as ever.

    Your forever weather follower :) :)

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