UK Winter 2017-18 Weather Forecast, Cold Signs?

Latest UK Winter 2017/18 Weather Forecast Update: in the last update we discovered that the QBO is supportive of a cold winter this season in the UK. We will now go into some other variables that help us forecast winter weather conditions in this country. In the pacific we have ENSO, El Nino Southern Oscillation, […]

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Easterly QBO for Winter 2017/18 May Mean a Cold Winter. (?)

The QBO is an oscillation of winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere around the tropics, generally a westerly QBO strengthens the north Atlantic jet stream and hence affects the NAO in a positive manor, the opposite is thought to do the opposite. Data compiled by Kasim Awan Using winters 1948-49 to 2016-17. Average […]

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U.S WINTER 2017/2018 Preliminary Forecast

KasimsWeather United States.

United States Winter 2017/2018 weather prediction, a bad winter? Welcome to our US Winter 2017/18 weather prediction. To find out what the weather is likely to be in your location – read on. Winter 2016/17 was much milder than average as a whole with a snowy start to the winter. Due to a sharp fall […]

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| Solar Activity and El Nino Forecast for Winter 2017-2018 |

Following a run of four winters without any real snow or cold weather to write home about, we now look forward to the winter of 2017/18 for the prospect of something more seasonal. To see more on Winter 2017/2018 in the UK use this button.

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