Newspaper articles “beyond ridiculous” – says Kasim.

Spot the difference Weather Forecast – Media outlets forecast severe winter conditions causing unwanted confusion and uncertainty about Winter 2014-15, even though forecasting more than a week or so in advance is very difficult, and such headlines will cause many to spend money and time which may not be necessarily needed…   


As much as I’d love to see heavy snow fall – the Media and other sources have been exaggerating other peoples quotes quite severely recently, allowing them to produce some very intense predictions, such as “the worst winter for 100 years”.

Each year since 2009 and 2014, and probably in to future years to, they have produced such extreme predictions. The bottom line is – Weather  is Weather, it is bad, harsh, sometimes interesting, and sometimes quiet. Although quite frankly we can not have the “Wettest, or Driest”  ”Snowiest” Season ever, each year? Why can’t it be just a “Wet season”, or Wetter than average. When viewing the recently published articles and comparing them to previous posts, it is clear to see that the Writer has re – published or simply Dug out the same content from last year and posted it. Spot the Difference. The only difference I see is the date, it is becoming quite clear that these posts are created for confusion as the amount of thought which goes into them is very small!

“”Biggest snow threat to UK in Winter 2014-15 since time began, Worst Winter for a Thousand Years”, or Is it, these Silly Snow Predictions are fairly Laughable – and extremely poor information for the Public, a Good Joke! ;).

When posting such Intense predictions Year on Year, hopefully this will work towards reducing Credibility of the Publishers, as very sadly this information has the potential to produce confusion and panic amung the public. Thankfully the post does state that there is some uncertainty regarding Winter – although to state that we must be and look like being in for a Colder than Average Winter is not on. Provided the limited information we have at hand regarding Long Range Weather Forecasts, it is very hard to produce such a far out Forecast. It would be much more sensible to prepare for the possibility of a cold winter, and a mild Winter. Although this may sound strange, at the end of the day at least one would not be preparing for a certain outcome, but a variety of weather types covering all possibilities. 


,The Best British Conversations can’t be done without mention of “Weather”. It’s too hot, too cold, and then when it’s Mild (perfect), some “Moan” it’s too Boring! The Express Papers Have Latched onto our Love of Weather – And use the fact that at the hint of anything more “Interesting”, We Go Bonkers! Snow is Lovely – But these predictions are False and should not be listened to. By the Way, for the of 2014-15 to Beat 1963, (Which is what would happen if it was the Worst for 100 Years), We’d Need Snowfalls like the picture below To be a Regular Occurrence from December to February, when the South Coast started to Freeze over!. Whilst many would Enjoy it, it is Very Unlikely. “On a serious note, unfortunately the intense predictions can lead to confusion and panic across the Country, and need to be stopped”

WINTERWOWThe UK & Ireland Sits On A Meteorological “Ring Of Fire”, Don’t Worry, that’s only Metaphoric;) From the East we are attacked by Snow-Promising Siberian Winds, the West, the Strong, Storm Generating Power House Jet Stream, and the South and North of course, you can Imagine. So I bet you’re wondering, what on Earth has this got to do with the “Over the Top” snow forecasts, and why we are attracted to Snow. Because let’s face it, nothing can beat a Good Snow Picture. Well, these patterns, from the North or South Etc, aren’t really that Severe. Yes, we can get good Weather types (Enough to make the Average Brit drink 1 too many Tea/Coffe;), although they are never as Extreme as experienced in other countries etc.

To be frank, because the Weather patterns in the UK change so frequently, we never know what to expect in the Long Range, therefore we may think anything is a “possibility”, but I assure you, there is more chance of seeing light drizzle than snow during any given time in winter!! Although there is a low chance of snow, it often tricks us in forecasts  and when it falls, making it exceptionally desirable.

Well, I wonder why some People Including the Express, Enjoy making the Over the Top snow Predictions, for example “Horrific Winter Worst Since Time Began”, Or Similar. Is it simply because we all have a soft spot for snow, or because we like to Take the Mic out of the Express and other Headlines (Feel free to judge me doing that here;). Deep down, even though I may make some tantrum-like responses to the Media’s severe outlooks, I do enjoy seeing them. For the Snow Lover inside, it does hit a String. Although, on my Tough Exterior, this is a Load of Rubbish, it makes me laugh. And sadly has the potential to scare quite a few people. Either way I have no escape, because I can either go along  with their ideas, or respond severely. It isn’t on though, it will scare a great deal of people and is no fun. Every single year they post the Same. I knew it – They’re trying to Latch onto our Love of Snow and use us to Get More Papers, As to be honest, I couldn’t imagine a Winter without snow, it is Wonderful and You Couldn’t Beat It, Can You ;). Click to read my Winter 2014-15 Hint Blog, a detailed view of some winter “factors” which are thought to influence UK Weather during Winter – by no means a forecast and just “speculation” at this stage, to be honest it is near impossible to predict at this stage. Although I would love to see scenes similar to the ones below.




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  1. Amanda says:

    This is theeeee worst paper for printing stories with a 0.01% chance of truth in them.

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