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7 Responses so far.

  1. Tim Dantoni says:

    Kasim, it has been awhile, agree with you totally about the upcoming winter. The deep South, Southeast, Mid Atlantic states are in for a very very cold and snowy winter. What is becoming clearer are the higher heights showing up over Greenland this summer. This should cause the NAO TO GO NEGATIVE THIS COMING WINTER. The warm body of water off the Northwest coast of Washington, Oregon can not be denied, this will have a huge impact on our winter.
    Tim Dantoni

    • Kasmin2 :) says:

      Thanks Tim :)
      Long time no see yes!
      I agree the current higher heights over the Greenland, combined with the Modoki El Nino (perhaps), may lower the NAO.
      Also the very high SST anomalies :) .

    • Siberian says:

      I heard different, from a reliable source here in the U.S., and the weather is going to be cooler in the Pacific NW this winter, with above average snow fall. And I can vouch for that, as it is just the start of September, and the nights are getting chilly. This same time of year, I should not be seeing my breath where I live — but I did tonight. We will be having some upper 70 degree weather, but at this time of year at night, the temperatures are usually in the high 50′s or 60′s, and it was in the high 40′s, and it is cooling off, and leaves are already starting to change here. We get blasted by Arctic air from Alaska and Canada all the time here in Washington State, and so, despite your predictions, they do not seem to be panning out. The author lives in the UK, and I trust what our local forecasters are telling us more. Sorry.

  2. Stuart grant says:

    Hi Kasim, just to say I truly love your website and long term forecasts, I live in Scotland and for the last 3 winters we have had no snow at all and yet the 2 winters before where crazy, what’s the chances for snow this time for us Scots?
    Cheers Kasim

    • Kasmin2 :) says:

      Thank you for the kind comments Stuart :)
      It’s really well too far out to Estimate whether this Winter will be snowy, the Main Reason for this is the Current Data can not be Trusted for Autumn/Winter and the current SSTs, Solar Activity Etc will change a Great Deal between now & then.
      If you keep up to date with my Winter Page for the UK I will have updates every Month there in Autumn and even though by October by the latest we should have a better idea, things even then are very Uncertain.
      Although the current highly experimental idea given off by the UK Winter page is of a near normal Snowfall Winter, although this is drastically due to change as we head through Autumn and on, Thanks :)

  3. Stian Torst says:

    Nice page You got here, Kasim. Im starting up a little myself. Norwegian and Scandinavian weather in the main-focus though.

    I do follow You on Twitter, and will also add this page in my favorites :)

    • Kasmin2 :) says:

      Thank very much Stian :)
      Great to see new Weather Enthusiasts, I’m very interested in Scandinavian weather, especially as we move through to Autumn (regarding build of pressure and snow cover), so let me know when your page/site is ready for me to view (No pressure) – Kasim :)

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